Which brand of badminton racket is best?

The badminton racket is the most important tool for playing badminton. Its your armory, weapon and ally. We all want to have a badminton racket that is extremely convenient to use and allows us to play defensive and aggressive shots with ease. At the same time, we want one that is durable and can sustain a couple of strikes with your fellow player. As we go on, our desires can be endless when it comes to badminton rackets.

Speaking about which badminton racket to use, let’s talk about the actual reality of the game. It is a game that is fast catching up with other sports like cricket and football. With players achieving greater accolades by the day, the buzz about badminton is all over the country. We too aspire about playing badminton like one of our favorite champions. To others, it might be just a fun activity to perform with your friends or family. Whoever it is, our journey starts with the racket. So, let’s discuss about which brand of badminton racket is the best.

To put it out there clearly, there can never be a best brand in the world of badminton. Each one of us has a unique style of playing and some of us may prefer a certain kind of racket over the other. Since there are many brands in the world, one cannot affix themselves to the likes of one brand.


Yonex is perhaps the largest name in the world of badminton. If you have ever played badminton in your life, you cannot have failed to notice the presence of the brand in the game. Yonex has badminton rackets that are developed through cutting edge technology, research, development and innovation. They are the Rolls Royce of the badminton world except that Yonex makes badminton rackets for all kinds of players, including beginners to professionals.

Once you start looking for Yonex rackets, chances are that you will be able to easily find what you are looking for. Perhaps even two or three. And the best part is that all Yonex rackets will last you a lifetime if you can take care of them properly.

Li Ning

Just behind the race is the mighty Li Ning. The brand has been developed by Chinese professionals and is driven by highest standards of quality. They are popular for providing highly durable rackets that retain their performance for a long period of time. These days, you will find that a lot of championship players are driven towards the rackets from Li Ning. It is one those Made in China products you can rely on blindly.


Another popular name in the world of badminton is Carlton. They are popular for offering player dynamics, robust build quality and eminent play. They have plenty of options for the beginner to intermediate levels of play. They too have an offering in all price ranges.


Wilson is a highly popular name in racket sports. They offer some of the best tennis rackets in the world. They also have a badminton racket line called ‘Blaze’ and have offerings for all kinds of badminton players. They continue to maintain their superlative quality and its trademark ‘W’ puts Wilson at the top shelf amongst badminton players.


Apacs is a value-for-money alternative for offering world-class badminton rackets that are on par with championship grade badminton rackets. They use innovative designs and eye-catching visuals that captivate the fierce player. Apacs’ rackets are generally preferred by the younger crowd just beginning their journey in badminton.


Ashaway rackets are world-famous for the trendy ‘matte’ design that they sport. They are popular amongst all players including amateurs and championship players. They started off with manufacturing racket strings and have earned immense success through their distinctive offerings.

These are some of the most popular badminton brands in the world. They each have a unique offering that may cater to a vast number of players. When you choose your racket, do not choose one just due to the name of the brand. Experience all rackets to find one that suits you the most.

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